NCHS Care Center
Nelson County Health System believes in the worth of every
individual and that each is unique with their own particular
strengths and needs. We believe that the quality of life for every
human being is dependent upon the person's physical, social,
mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.
Services offered:

  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • 24 hour Skilled Nursing
  • Private and Semi-Private
  • Local Physician Visits
  • On site Laboratory
  • Physical Therapy
  • Whirlpool Baths
  • Hospice Service
  • Wound Care
  • Worship Services
  • Bible Study
  • Scheduled Activity
  • Consultant Licensed
    Social Worker
  • Consultant Registered
  • Consultant Psychiatric
  • Barber and Beauty Shop
  • Handicap Van
  • Respite Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • IV Medications

"We look forward to serving future generations and take pride
in having served the generations before us."

For questions about our
services, admissions, or for
a tour, please contact:

Cindy Oien, LPN, SWD,
Monday - Friday,
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

We are a 39 bed Skilled Nursing Facility, licensed/certified under Medicare and Medicaid, providing care under the direction of our
Medical Director Dr. B
erg and Darlene Kelly, ARNP along with Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Medication
Aides, and Certified Nursing Assistants.

Our qualified staff work cooperatively with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social services, dietary, and
activity personnel to provide individualized personal care to each resident's physical, mental, and psychosocial needs.  To help us
meet the personal daily needs of our residents, we also provide barber, beauty, housekeeping, and laundry services.
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Matt Hodek entertaining residents on his concertina and
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 It’s not just for Grandma Anymore (NCHS Care Center)!

When Val Larson of Michigan fell in her home on January 8th, she had no idea what the journey she was about to take would entail. After
spending ten days at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks, she and the staff there knew she could not go back to her home. She had two severe
fractures, both vertical and horizontal, in her lower leg and could not put any pressure on it for quite some time. Neither she nor her son, who
lives in Petersburg, ND have homes without steps or that would accommodate a wheel chair. Most of her other family members live in Park
Rapids, MN. In addition, she lives alone, so there would be no one to help her if she went back to her house.

Recognizing that it would be better for Val to be close to her son and his family, the staff at Altru Hospital contacted the Nelson County Health
System to discuss the option of Val staying in the swing bed unit at the McVille hospital. Due to the length of time Val needed to recuperate
(approximately 100 days), CEO Bruce Bowersox and Care Center Social Services Director Cindy Oien intervened. They felt it would be better
for Val to spend her time recuperating at the McVille Care Center.

Val says her experience at the Care Center has been a
“Positive but eye-opening experience.”
She talks about how wonderful the staff is, often bringing “real” coffee to her room in the morning.
She says she is impressed with their overall kindness and in particular with the sympathy they
display towards family members when a resident dies all while maintaining a high level of
She also talked about how clean the facility is explaining
“that is important when you are here for a long time.”
She enjoys the easy access to arts and crafts supplies in the activity center
and the fact that the food is so good, describing it as
“good, healthy farm food that is as good as grandma’s.”
Throughout her stay at the Care Center, she has been receiving physical therapy
in an effort to keep her arms strong and strengthen her good knee. In addition to her scheduled therapy,
she is also able to work- out at her leisure.   
Val says she has watched the progression of Alzheimer’s which is a
“Powerful and profound” experience.
She has seen first-hand how meaningful it is to residents when family and community members visit,
especially when they bring babies, young children or pets along and how excited residents become
when local musicians share their talents with them.
Val, who is the oldest of six children, said she will actually miss the Care Center after she leaves and has told her siblings,
“When we are all ready for a nursing home, we’re coming to McVille!”
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Nursing Home Comparisons
5 Star Ratings
for: NCHS Care Center

These ratings are after January
2014 Survey

Overall Rating:
Above Average

Health Inspection: Below Average

Staffing: Above Average

RN Staffing: Average

Quality Measures:
Much Above
            Happy 100th Norman!
                                                                              Minot Flood Victim Makes McVille Home

In 2011, not long after a neck injury forced Doris Schiele into a Minot nursing facility, the Souris River reached flood levels it only reaches
every 200 – 500 years.  Doris needed a new home and was evacuated to the Nelson County Care Center in McVille, a place she had
never heard of and where she knew no one.  In a few short months, after the floodwater receded, it was time for Doris to return to Minot.  
Throughout her stay in McVille, she had mentioned to a few of the staff members that maybe she should stay there.  Her children, who all
reside in the western part of ND, agreed that their mother should stay where she wanted to be, where she was happiest.  Three years later,
if you find Doris in her room at the NCHS care center, you will be welcomed into a very warm and welcoming place where she is
surrounded by many of her favorite things.  If she is not in her room, she may have taken the Nelson County Transit bus to Grand Forks for
a day of shopping where she loves to hunt for clothing and accessories at bargain prices.  She enjoys bringing her findings home to share
with the staff and other residents.  On Tuesdays, if the bus makes a trip to Devils Lake for other purposes, you may find her at the casino
enjoying a little fun and excitement.  She says she has at least broken even in all of her trips there and last time made $100.  Doris also
contributes to the social planning and some business considerations that affect the residents through her participation on the resident
council.  Currently, she is organizing a trip to Park Rapids, MN in August to hear a musical performance the family of her friend Val Larson
(who she met at the care center).  We are so glad that Doris decided to make the NCHS Care Center in McVille her home!
Celebrating 103 Years!
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employees of the month
Thanks North Dakota
Telephone Company!
for the gift of two Polywood
               Choice Financial Donates to NCHSF

Through the Community Reinvestment Act, Choice Financial
recently awarded the Nelson County Health Services Foundation
$1000.00 towards the purchase of a new bathtub at the care center
located in McVille, ND.  The purpose of the Community
Reinvestment Act is to place money back in to the communities
served by financial institutions, especially when it benefits low to
moderate income families and individuals or communities that are
underserved.  “Choice Financial is proud to assist the Nelson
County Health Services Foundation as they continue to provide
medical care to the people of our area,” said Vicki Staniszewski of
the Petersburg branch.  Thank you Choice Financial!  
Farmers and Merchants Bank supports Health Services Foundation

The Farmers and Merchants Bank of North Dakota, with locations in Tolna,
McVille, Binford and Northwood, recently made a donation in the amount of
$1000.00 to the Nelson County Health Services Foundation tub campaign.  
Pictured above, Kendy Quam, NCHSF board member and Margo Burthold,
Executive Director accept this generous donation from bank president Bob
Engen.  The NCHSF Board of Directors as well as the Health System staff
and board of directors are very grateful for the continued support of
Farmers and Merchants Bank of North Dakota.  “Because of this donation,
the goal of replacing the aging bathtub at the NCHS Care Center is within
reach,” said Norma Trost, NCHS Foundation President.
Happy 100th Art!
The North Dakota Community Foundation recently awarded the Nelson County Health Services Foundation $4000 towards the purchase of a new
therapeutic bathtub for the NCHS Care Center located in McVille.  Pictured above are ND Community Foundation President and CEO Kevin
Dvorak, NCHSF Executive Director Margo Burthold, ND Community Foundation Board of Directors Member Dawn Keely, and NCHS Chief Financial
Officer Steve Forde.  
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                          Maertens Awarded ND Certified Dietary Manager of Year

Sharon Maertens, Dietary Manager at the NCHS Care Center in McVille, was nominated by her peers for the ND Association of Nutrition and
Foodservice Professionals “Certified Dietary Manager of the Year” award.   She is the successful nominee and will receive her award later
this spring at the Long Term Care Association convention in Bismarck.  Here is what co-workers had to say about her.

Sharon knows firsthand about selflessness in the care of others.  She not only takes care of the elders
at the care center she is the primary caregiver for two family elders, one of whom is developmentally
disabled and diabetic but is able to reside in her own home due to Sharon’s help.   

She also has a developmentally disabled daughter for whom she has fought tirelessly so that she
could achieve semi-independence in their home town of Cooperstown.  She has even presented
to the legislators in Bismarck regarding the rights and needs of the disabled.  

Long Term Care has been Sharon’s entire work history.  She has worked since her youth
in LTC/dietary department. She could manage then and she can manage now.   She has educated
herself and continues to update that education on the dietary standards currently in place to meet
regulations.  There are times when she has filled in shifts herself when a staff member is unable to be there.  
Her staff is trained not to be dependent on her.  They are capable of doing her job if, for some reason,
she can’t be there.  Technology is her friend.  She has excellent computer skills and always is hungry to
learn more.  She has been instrumental in getting the Electronic Medical Records up and running at the
NCHS Care Center.

She is a strong advocate and fighter for residents who cannot help themselves.  She has exhibited this time
and time again with her observation skills, care planning, dietary knowledge, networking with local, state and federal government agencies.  
There is no doubt; she has the backs of those who cannot help themselves or who don’t have family to advocate for them.  She isn’t afraid to
say what she thinks, but she is able to laugh at herself when the situation warrants.  

She is devout in her faith and devoted to her growing family.  She supports her 6 children in their schooling, community, and spiritual growth.  
She and her husband encourage them to go far in developing whatever gifts they have and pursuing higher education.  They have passed
their work ethic on to the next generation and are starting on the ones after that – six grandchildren with one on the way.  

She is awesome and tireless!