Nelson County Health System      
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McVille, ND   58254       
NCHS Hospital
200 N Main
P O Box 367
McVille, ND  58254

McVille Clinic
108 N Main
P.O. Box 307
McVille, ND  58254

NCHS Care Center
108 E Nyhus Ave.
McVille, ND  58254

NCHS Foundation
200 N. Main
PO Box 506
McVille, ND 58254
701-322-4328 ext 225
Margo Burthold

The mission of Nelson County Health System is to enhance the
health status and quality of life for peoples and communities served.

Nelson County Health System's vision is to provide leadership, working in partnership with others, to ensure
continued access to a quality continuum of health care and related services.
Doc Talk
Health Needs
Medical Staff
Foot Care is Back (in McVille)!

Beginning Thursday, June 5th
and continuing the
Second Thursday of every
other month,
the Grand Forks Senior Center
Nurses will provide a foot care clinic in the
tele-medicine room of the NCHS hospital in

Call 322-4328 for an appointment.  Walk-ins
welcome if time permits.  
$20.00 suggested contribution.
On-Going Needs/Improvements

Window Replacement at Hospital
Windows/Resident Rooms at Care Center
Roofing at Care Center
Boiler Replacement at Hospital
AHU Controls
Lighting at Hospital
Hydronic System
Office Space Air Conditioning
Pump VFD's
2014 Summer Newsletter

Click above for a copy of the Foundation
2014 Summer Newsletter!
Foundation Vice-President O'Neal Johnson prepares to
pull the foundation "Tub Float" in the Aneta Parade!

left:  Young Citizens of McVille
Donate Proceeds of Lemonade Sales to
NCHS Care Center tub fund!

Thank You!

                            right:  A little treat for
                                  their generous act.  
                            Peering over the Tolna Dam
                                   photos by Debbi Brude
Lots of water flowing here, controlled by an upstream
outlet north of Tolna to avoid flooding on the
downstream Sheyenne River. Miles upstream, Devils
Lake is one foot short of its record elevation of 1454.4 ft
above sea level.
          Thank You to the following tub fund donors thus far:

Farmers and Merchants State Bank of North Dakota
Choice Financial Bank of Petersburg
Virginia Haugen
Carl G. Anderson (in memory of Eva Lofthus-Anderson)
McVille Young Citizens (lemonade stand proceeds)
Marlene Nelson  
Curt & Judy Twete
Dennis & Barbara Burud,
Rami Carlson
Ron  & Margo Burthold
Stanley-Iverson Funeral Home
Mary Lou Krogh
Gary & Norma Nelson
Greg & Karla Messner

We are on our way to reaching our goal!
The next footcare clinic is Thursday,
ctober 9th!  Call 322-4328 to
schedule an appointment