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The mission of Nelson County Health System is to enhance the
health status and quality of life for peoples and communities served.

Nelson County Health System's vision is to provide leadership, working in partnership with others, to ensure
continued access to a quality continuum of health care and related services.
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Telemedicine through Altru Health Services Available in McVille!

Altru Health System recently received a grant from the USDA in the amount of $196,000 to
improve telemedicine services and increase medical access in rural communities.  

Did you know that Telemedicine is already available right here in McVille?
Why risk driving in inclement weather?
Save time and money by using telemedicine services!

For more information on this service contact your Altru health care provider
or click on the link below.
Altru Telemedicne services
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                            Maertens Awarded ND Certified Dietary Manager of Year

Sharon Maertens, Dietary Manager at the NCHS Care Center in McVille, was nominated by her peers for the ND Association of Nutrition and
Foodservice Professionals “Certified Dietary Manager of the Year” award.   She is the successful nominee and will receive her award later this
spring at the Long Term Care Association convention in Bismarck.  Here is what co-workers had to say about her.

Sharon knows firsthand about selflessness in the care of others.  She not only takes care of the elders
at the care center she is the primary caregiver for two family elders, one of whom is developmentally
disabled and diabetic but is able to reside in her own home due to Sharon’s help.   

She also has a developmentally disabled daughter for whom she has fought tirelessly so that she
could achieve semi-independence in their home town of Cooperstown.  She has even presented
to the legislators in Bismarck regarding the rights and needs of the disabled.  

Long Term Care has been Sharon’s entire work history.  She has worked since her youth
in LTC/dietary department. She could manage then and she can manage now.   She has educated
herself and continues to update that education on the dietary standards currently in place to meet
regulations.  There are times when she has filled in shifts herself when a staff member is unable to be there.  
Her staff is trained not to be dependent on her.  They are capable of doing her job if, for some reason,
she can’t be there.  Technology is her friend.  She has excellent computer skills and always is hungry to learn more.  
She has been instrumental in getting the Electronic Medical Records up and running at the NCHS Care Center.

She is a strong advocate and fighter for residents who cannot help themselves.  She has exhibited this time and time again with her observation
skills, care planning, dietary knowledge, networking with local, state and federal government agencies.  There is no doubt; she has the backs of
those who cannot help themselves or who don’t have family to advocate for them.  She isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, but she is able to laugh
at herself when the situation warrants.  

She is devout in her faith and devoted to her growing family.  She supports her 6 children in their schooling, community, and spiritual growth.  She
and her husband encourage them to go far in developing whatever gifts they have and pursuing higher education.  They have passed their work
ethic on to the next generation and are starting on the ones after that – six grandchildren with one on the way.  

She is awesome and tireless!
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